About Us

Operation Awesome is a group of writers, both published and unpublished.

We blog regularly, sharing writing tips and hosting contests (like #queryfriday and #PassOrPages). If you like what we're doing here, we invite you to check out our published works. The best gift to an author is to buy his or her book; the second best gift is a review after you're finished!

If you're looking to contact us, you can email OperationAwesome6 (at) gmail (dot) com. We're always looking for debut authors to interview on Wednesdays and agents who want to participate in #PassOrPages. We sometimes host guest posts and participate in cover reveals and release day blitzes (although those are usually for people we know personally). We DO NOT accept book review requests.

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Current Awesome Operatives

J Lenni Dorner

Jaime Olin

Kara Reynolds

Leandra Wallace

And we were also home to some fabulous writers in the past. Check out our alumni here.